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Kalachakra Tibetan Bracelet White Metal Bracelet - Rad Hippie Shop

Kalachakra Tibetan Bracelet White Metal Bracelet

Imported from India

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In Tibetan tradition, Kalachakra is an intricate character meaning  “tenfold powerful one.” Kalachakra is considered a sign of universal protection and is often placed in the home to defend against evil spirits. Bracelet measures 1.375 inches wide with open end. Handmade by artists in Nepal –minor variation in appearance of oxidized metal finish may be evident between items, enhancing artistic identity.

The Kalachakra means - 'The Wheel of Time'. The Kalachakra is part of a system of teachings and practice conferred by the Buddha to his disciples. It is a complex Buddhist emblem symbolizing the Wheel of Time.

  • Detailed Kalachakra bracelet in Rustic Finish
  • Made of white metal with oxidized finish
  • Measures about 1.375 inches wide
  • 1 1/2 inch wide. Adjustable. One size fits all.
  • Open end slides to fit most wrist sizes
  • Made in Nepal

    NOTE: When the bracelet is completely dry, you may want to apply clear nail polish all over the bracelet. If not polished, it may tarnish. Another way to treat the bracelet if it tarnishes, is to brush it with a toothbrush and some toothpaste. Dry it with a towel after rinsing it. Following either one of these tips should keep this and all alloy Tibetan jewelry free from tarnish.