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Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Peace Sign Sticker - Rad Hippie Shop

Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Peace Sign Sticker


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Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Peace Sign Sticker

Grateful Dead is one of the most powerful bands of all time, they meant so much, to so many people, in so many ways.  Millions of fans would put their lives on hold and tour with them for weeks and even years and an enduring “Deadhead” culture was born. The still-thriving Deadhead community is still very much alive and well today. The spirit of the music, and the community that supports it, is unquestionable!

Inside the large heart is Morris' interpretation of Mother Earth. The continents are a patchwork of classic designs including sun, moon, and stars, waves, leaves, clouds, flowers, mountains, and shadowy figures reaching sky high.

All of our rad stickers are vibrant, beautiful, colorful, sexy, and some are just downright hilarious. Many of our rad stickers are designed by artists and or are offered by well-known brand companies. You'll find we really do have a great rad selection of quality stickers, and at rad prices.
So now that you know about our stickers, what do you do with them you ask? Stickers are so fun, they're a rad way to show your individual flair and your hippie spirit! These stickers can be used on just about any clean flat surface to instantly add style and personality wherever you stick them. Try them out on your favorite bong, dab rig, vaporizer, skateboard, laptop, desk, motorcycle, phone, and even your car bumper.... well I think you get the idea now...  Because they're resistant to weather and UV light, you will enjoy your sticker for a long time. We are sure that you and your friends will come back here to our Rad Hippie Head Shop for more!!!
Remember too that they make a great add-on gift item too. You can pair them with our patches, keychains, and bandanas too, to make for a complete and very awesome gift!
  • Officially Licensed
  • Original Artwork
  • Exclusively Trademarked
  • Original Artworks & Merchandise
  • Authentic
  • High Quality
  • Premium Decal
  • Weather-resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Vinyl Decal
  • Die Cut
  • Approx 4.75 X 5.5 Inches