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Amethyst Gemstone 108 Prayer Bead Meditation Necklace - Rad Hippie Shop

Amethyst Gemstone 108 Prayer Bead Meditation Necklace


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This amethyst gemstone and buddha 108 bead prayer mala meditation necklace represents the third eye chakra clearing in the creation of clear seeing, clairvoyance. It is a beautiful necklace with a healing intention!

  • Made in USA
  • 108 Bead Mala
  • Amethyst Gemstones 
  • Prayer Bead Necklace
  • Meditation Necklace
  • Meditation Practice
  • 28" l x 0.5" w x 0.5" h

Mala beads are believed to promote inner peace, knowledge, power, and enlightenment. The mala garland is a set of beads commonly used by Hindus and Buddhists, usually made from 108 beads. Malas are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of a deity.