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What's an echeck?


As of 2020, echecks are an established and highly utilized payment method for online purchases. An echeck is like a paper check but in a pure electronic form. echecks allow individuals and businesses to make payments from their checking account to virtually every major payment retailer who offers echecks as a payment option. echecks are one of the most secure methods and state of the art security techniques of making a payment directly form your bank account to pay for goods or services and are designed to meet the needs of businesses and consumers.

Why pay be echeck? 

  • Need only a bank checking account.
  • It’s the most secure payment instrument available today.
  • It’s speed of processing.
  • Offers electronic record of your payment.

How Secure are echecks?

echecks are the most secure payments instrument or transaction ever designed or developed. echecks are designed to utilize state of the art security techniques of :

  • authentication
  • public key cryptography
  • digital signatures
  • certificate authorities
  • duplicate detection
  • encryption

echecks are the first and only electronic payment mechanism chosen by the United States Treasury to make high-value payments over the public Internet. eChecks meets real business needs and is becoming one of the most popular non-cash payment option.

Fancy terminology aside, echecks are simply a type of online payment where money is electronically withdrawn from the payer’s bank account (usually a checking account), transfered over the ACH network, then deposited into the the seller’s account.

How do you pay by echeck?

Our user friendly echeck checkout process is easy and fast. All you need to have is your the bank’s routing number, checking account number and of course your name as listed on the account.