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Reusable Water Bottles and Water Bottle Carriers

If you are like you me, making sure that I stay hydrated by drinking more water… is your 2022 New Year Resolution too! It’s a resolution not only to keep for the year but for a lifetime! This is part of the reason I am so excited about water bottle carriers!

Did you know that our bodies are 70% water and that the human body can only survive up to 3 days in extreme conditions without water? Water provides our bodies with physiological needs that are imperative for our survival and contributes significantly to our health and wealthiness. 

Drinking an adequate amount of water throughout our day needs to be a top priority. This can be easier to accomplish if being able to have a water bottle carrier that will keep your hands free but still have water readily available as we go about our day, our bodies are constantly being depleted of its own water supply. We lose water from natural bodily processes like breathing, sweating, and other bodily functions. This water loss needs to be replenished. By the time you are thirsty and grab for a glass, you have already waited too long and are already on your way to dehydration. We’ve all experienced the tell-tale signs of mild dehydration such as dry mouth, thirst, headaches and brain fog. Carrying a water bottle carrier will make drinking an adequate amount doable because it will be accesible.

It’s not uncommon to forget to drink water throughout the day. However, it is important to pinpoint reasons for not drinking enough and to reflect on how to make appropriate changes to keep it from happening. Is it just that it's not that convenient to carry a water bottle on the go? Life is busy, we are constantly on the go, working, running errands, working out, driving and walking around and why a water bottle carrier is an essential. I could give a long list of reasons why I myself, don’t always consume an adequate amount of water throughout my day, but one of the biggest reasons is the inconvenience of carrying a water bottle with me everywhere. Short of carrying a backpack, carrying a water bottle that is easily accessible and readily available isn't always an easy task.

This is why when I discovered Rad Hippie’s water bottle carriers, I couldn’t have been happier! Rad Hippie has a variety of water bottle carriers including minimalist canvas, classic leather, suede, bohemian fringe and hand-made embroidered water bottle carrier tote bags in a variety of colors for both men and women. These water bottle carriers have adjustable lengths and can be carried over the shoulder or cross-body.


Water is an essential element of life. It’s crucial to stay hydrated and with Rad Hippie Shop’s water bottle carriers, there’s one less excuse to not stay hydrated throughout the day.

Water bottle carriers make it easy to keep nature’s most valuable resource right by our side… no matter where we go!


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