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Rad Hippie opened its doors in 2013 on the Venice Beach boardwalk in Southern California. In keeping with the Venice vibe we offered tie dye, psychedelic, palazzo pants and the like. I myself love the 70s. Although I was too young to experience it myself firsthand, I had brothers and sisters who were in their teens and early 20s during that time. This allowed me to experience this era through them. I can still vividly picture the style of clothing, the bright colors and patterns, corduroy, bell bottom pants, big leather belts, hip huggers, oversized collar shirts, and halter tops!

Then COVID hit. Over this time I started to see more and more documentaries which let me to researching more. I was enlightened me to the gravity of what we had and still continue to do to, not only to our planet but also to humankind. Being in California, a female and an ocean lover, I immediately started to think about things and ways I could contribute to the sustainability of our planet and everything in it from the animals to the oceans to mankind. I then started searching for companies and manufacturers who could provide us with products that would help us accomplish this important undertaking in order to move towards positive change. 

I realized that today's modern hippies want to live in a cleaner environment where there is less chemicals being used or ideally being chemical free, they want organic products, they value recycled and up-cycled fabrics, products made without the use of animals and in general, eco-friendly and eco-conscious clothing and products.

In keeping with the today's modern hippie vibe, we now offer high quality durable items to eliminate waste. We carry boho hippie clothes, hippie clothes for menaccessories and home goods made with fabrics that are recycled and up-cycled such as our backpacks and bags being made from used army tents and yoga mats made from tree rubber and yoga leggings. We carry organic cotton clothing, our boho sweatshirts and boho graphic tees are hand painted with inks that are chemical free, we offer vegan handbags, reusable water bottles and more.

Not only do we search for items that are sustainable. We also search for manufacturers and companies that are operating from businesses that are women owned, minority owned, handcrafted, companies who practice fair trade, jewelry lines designed and handmade by sexually exploited women themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the 60s and 70s hippie era. We have all benefited from the positive effects of this era. However, in listening to todays modern hippie, we are taking steps to give them what they desire and want by offering products that will sustain our own lives today and the lives of future generations.

Today’s modern hippies are passionate about change that will go on long after they are gone and we here at Rad Hippie are taking steps to help them and ourselves, accomplish this.

We believe that even little steps and changes we make today will lead to big changes tomorrow!

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