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"Making Sustainable Changes for a Brighter Tomorrow: Rad Hippie's Commitment to Eco-Friendly Living"

Rad Hippie opened its doors in 2013 on the iconic Venice Beach boardwalk in sunny Southern California. At first, we offered tie dye, psychedelic, and palazzo pants, in keeping with the 70s and hippie vibes of the area. Although I was too young to experience it myself firsthand, I had older siblings that were in their teens and early 20s at the time, so I was able to experience this era through them the style of clothing, the bright colors and patterns, corduroy, bell bottoms, big leather belts, hip huggers, oversized collar shirts, and halter tops!

However, when the world was hit by the global pandemic of COVID-19, my perspective on life changed. I began watching more documentaries and researching more on sustainability and the effects of our actions on our planet and the people around us. I was determined to make a difference, so I began searching for companies and manufacturers that could provide us with eco-friendly and sustainable products that would help move us towards positive change.

We here at Rad Hippie are proud to offer high quality and durable items to eliminate waste. We carry boho hippie clothes, accessories and fun hippie stuff like stickers and key rings! All in an effort to make positive changes, and help to make this world a better place. We believe that even the smallest steps we make today will lead to bigger changes tomorrow!

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