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How To Dress Boho

How to Dress Boho: The Ultimate Guide 

What makes an outfit a boho outfit? The best way to answer this question is to first understand what the term boho means. Boho, which stands for bohemian and was coined by American journalist Joyce Johnson in 1967, refers to both a subculture and an aesthetic style that originates from the West Coast of the US in the 1960s. Here are some answers to a few questions and some tips on how to make your look effortlessly bohemian!

Wear one statement piece?

Boho outfits are somewhat toned down so if you are wanting to wear a statement piece, limit it to one. . This will prevent your outfit from looking too busy and disorganized. Statement pieces for boho include things like patterned or flowy dresses with lots of ruffles or frills, loose pants that may be embellished with various types of embroidery or lace, layered tops that have intricate detailing such as lace and embroidery or unique belts/accessories like headbands, arm cuffs and bracelets. 

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Wear bright colors?

As long as you feel comfortable wearing it and pairing it with your own personal style, you can create an outfit that’s quintessentially boho. But when most people think of boho clothing, they think earthy tones—browns, greens, golds—but there is no rule saying you have to stick to earthy colors when creating a bohemian stylish look for yourself. Many people enjoy playing around with bolder hues like red or blue when styling their boho outfits for an event or day out. You can even incorporate these brighter shades into other elements of your outfit such as jewelry or shoes if you really want to stand out from others at any given event! If you’re more of a hippie-style fashionista, but are still looking to try something new, adding in some brighter colors into your outfit could be just what you need to get started on trying something new without completely changing up your whole wardrobe.

Vibrant Orange Distressed Shacket - Rad Hippie Shop

Wear bold jewelry?

Bold jewelry, such as chunky necklaces and bold earrings, makes the outfit more boho casual. If you are going for the boho chic look, the rest of your outfit should be toned down; include subtle jewelry pieces and accessories. If you are aiming for a more boho hippie vibe, keep it casual by layering oversized clothing with leather sandals or lace-up boots.

Know your silhouettes?

Boho clothing and accessories, a.k.a. boho chic, has become one of today’s most popular trends; it’s perfectly suited for warm-weather days and carefree weekends, after all. While there are many variations on what boho looks like (and outfit ideas can vary depending on personal style), one thing remains consistent: clothes tend to be oversized and flowy and drapey... not tight.

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Accessories are the key to a boho look?

Yes. It’s easy to throw on a flowing dress and make it boho, but without accessories like floppy hats, strappy sandals, boho style jewelry or a fringe handbag, that look can be boring. If you want your outfit to look its best then choose high-quality items (like a skirt made of hemp fabric) that stand out in their own right—no tucking in necessary.

 Camel Wool Felt Boho Floppy Hat - Rad Hippie Shop

Have fun with it!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match boho styles. Mix elements of hippie, gypsy, romantic, vintage or bohemian fashion. Have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to wear whatever you like! You can play around with bohemian styles by wearing a blouse, long skirt and boots for a romantic look or a maxi dress or skirt for a hippie look. Be open-minded and embrace all that is boho!

Ruffle Beige Boho Cardigan - Rad Hippie Shop

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