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Why Buy Handblown, Handmade in the USA, Glass Water Pipes, Bongs, Dab rigs and Pipes?

Why Buy Handblown, Handmade in the USA, Glass Water Pipes, Bongs, Dab rigs and Pipes?

For one thing, they offer uniqueness, they are one of a kind.  Hand blown glass is also a plus because it is often themed glass that feature popular and well know characters and icons, making them fun to have around. I really like themed glass water pipes because they are always great conversation pieces.

Handmade, handblown products are art at its finest that require constant innovation, original concepts and boundless creativity. A couple of the best hand made blown glass manufacturers of smoking products are Chameleon Glass and Empire Glassworks and you can find them at http://radhippieshop.com

With handblown glass each  product is a custom artisan piece and the fact they are made right here in the good ole USA is just the icing on the cake. Imported, imitation pieces of handblown themed glass just don't come close to the quality you get from skilled handblown glass artists. Glass blowers take great pride in their work and they pay attention to detail.

In closing, the last thing you want when purchasing hand blown glass is to find out that it's a copy. So before purchasing a handblown glass or pipe make sure that the retailer is an authorized retailer. This way you know 100% that the bong or pipe is an authentic art piece. For example, one way to make sure the Chameleon Glass product or products are authentic is to look for their sticker which is placed on all their products. If you look at the products,  you can easily tell too the difference between the authentic smoking product and imitation product on appearance alone. Once you own a Chameleon Glass or an Empire Glassworks glass bong or pipe, you will easily be able to recognize the real deal.

Now keep in mind that these bongs and pipes aren't cheap... but once you take into account the process, quality, creativity and the skill of the hand blown glass artists who make them... they are a very good deal!

Glass blowing is a process that's a constant evolution and lots of trial and error. Because of the pride the artist take in their work, it makes them some of the best glass water pipes, dab rigs and pipes you'll find.

So my opinion is the handmade, handlown glass made is worth the little extra and hey, we always want to support our manufacturers right here in the USA!

So I vote for handmade, handblown glass smoking products.

Shop Chameleon Glass, Empire Glassworks and more, now at http://radhippieshop.com.

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