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Donate to save our planet & endangered species or to end trafficking in US & Ukraine

Fight To End Human Trafficking in US

DeliverFund is a nonprofit organization in the fight against human trafficking in the US. Did you know 50% of human trafficking victims are children, the average age of a child sex trafficking victim is 15 years old and over 80% of purchasers buy illicit sex online. Together, Your donation today can bring human traffickers to justice and rescue their victims. 

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Fight Human Trafficking in Ukraine

Human trafficking thrives when people find themselves in vulnerable situations. The war in Ukraine has created the ideal situation for traffickers to take advantage. DeliverFund is actively working with international partners to prevent the trafficking of orphans, unaccompanied children, and other highly vulnerable refugees.

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Save Our Plant and Endangered Species

We must fight for our future and future genterations. Science shows we have precious little time left to change Earth’s current path and ensure a future where humans and nature both thrive. Science also shows if we protect nature, nature protects us. Ifwe hope to solve climate change and biodiversity loss, we must act fast to create real change to heal our planet.

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